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What makes ICI Technologies different is its dedication to developing a wide range of products ranging from entertainment apps, to travel apps, and even to sports applications.


Our main goal at ICI is to provide an exceptional customer experience. Our apps are designed and developed to keep the user engaged with minimal difficulty or stress but endless entertainment.


Our team at ICI focuses on staying up to date with new innovative apps and trends. We believe that by staying up to date and ahead of new technological trends, we will stay at the forefront of app innovation.


ICI prides its self on building reliable products which will not crash under any circumstance. With a creative and incredibly talented team of individuals we are able to provide the most efficient products for your satisfaction.


ICI Technologies provides apps with true lasting value. Our apps are developed for everyday use instead of limited or one time use.

USMNT Center

USMNT Center is a must have application for USA soccer fans. This app highlights some of the most promising American soccer players playing domestic and abroad while also giving updates on more established American players.

The Where At App

Download the Where At App, the # 1 event meet up application. Start posting new events for others to join or find out about one of the many events happening near you.

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